Rope Access Services (RAS) are the Sunshine Coast’s trusted specialists in painting, cleaning, maintenance and height safety. From multi-storey buildings to architectural homes, our experienced, professional team has it covered.

Why choose us?

We’re proud of our reputation as the Sunshine Coast’s go-to partner for painting, cleaning, maintenance and height safety. Our unrivalled reputation and relationships are built on a true commitment to our clients with a constant focus on:

  • Quality results with minimal disruption
  • Safe and efficient delivery
  • An excellent client experience

I Am Looking For…

How Can We Help?

Body Corporate Services

Including: Unit blocks, apartments, hospitality blocks and multi dwelling buildings.

Residential Services

Residential / Domestic Services
Including: Houses and privately-owned properties.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services
Including: Public and education sectors, facility managers, commerce centres and more.

Industrial Services

Industrial Services
Support for trades, engineers and civil contractors across road, rail, marine and beyond.

Painting Services

All aspects of painting including: Interior, exterior, roof areas from repaints to touch ups.

Cleaning Services

Including: Pressure cleaning, soft washing, surface cleaning and window cleaning from high rise to home.

Maintenance Services

Including: Roof maintenance, facade maintenance, facade inspections and repairs.

Height Safety Services

Height Safety
Supply and installation of height safety systems, annual inspections and certifications.

The RAS Difference

Our team uses a combination of ropes, EWPs and scaffolding to complete your job to the highest standard. We use our expertise to determine which equipment is needed to get the job done in the most efficient and effective way, ensuring our clients avoid unnecessary high costs.

Our team at RAS are all qualified tradespeople, or are in the process of completing their studies. Our team brings decades of experience to ensure every job is completed to the highest standards, every time. We value quality and safety above all else, and we never cut corners.

By using RAS, you can expect:

  • The highest quality result
  • Speed and efficiency, resulting in reduced labour hours
  • Flexibility and adaptability for buildings of all shapes and sizes
  • Minimal disruption to you and the community
  • Minimal use of large and impractical equipment.

Speak to our trusted, local team of experts today.